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Christmas dinner in the oven… the perfect time for pampering.

Our hectic lifestyles rarely give us time out and none more so than at Christmas! What presents to buy for who, where to go for Christmas Day, how much food to get in. Decisions, decisions!

The easy option for pressies has always been cheap smellies. Lotions and potions that seem to last all year and mostly ones you didn’t want. All  gathering dust at the back of the cupboard or destined to be passed on to someone else next year.

Wouldn’t you rather give or receive presents that will be loved and appreciated and that will take the stress out of choosing too? Even better, something you can add to your own Christmas list and that’s eco-friendly too. Love Eco has the answer.

Of course, everything at Love Eco is eco-friendly and adorable and the new range from Figs & Rouge is no exception. A wonderful range of natural and organic body care that relies on nourishing botanicals from the traditional English garden. Take a step back in time to simple, more romantic days and take care of your skin the natural way. The entire range is completely natural and organic and is free from parabens, sulphates, synthetic colours, fragrances and all things nasty so you can truly relax. Its vintage-inspired gift boxes make Figs & Rouge body care a perfect present too if you can bare to part with it.

And, if you can’t? Then let Figs & Rouge take the strain away. Pop the Christmas dinner in the oven and slope away for a relaxing soak. Pour calming Rose Geranium Bath Soak into cascading waters to release a stunning vintage and botanical garden aroma. Then bathe in this fragrant bath soak to help cultivate your skins natural moisture. Lock all the goodness in by massaging your rejuvenated skin with Rose Geranium Body Lotion and you’ll be ready to face the hectic Christmas festivities.
And if you venture out on a cold Winter walk after dinner, you can count on the Rose Geranium Lip Balm to protect you from the elements too.

So, for Christmas gifts that will be loved by all, our Figs & Rouge body care range is a must and you can bet they won’t end up at the back of a cupboard. They’re a great self-indulgent treat too!

The glamorous Figs and Rouge body care range is available at from just £3.95.


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Dad’s new best friend, Jimi

Who is Jimi? Jimi is the wallet for men who hate wallets. Made from recycled plastic, Jimi is no ordinary wallet and more of an anti-wallet. Lots of men will be used to a big, fat wallet which is far too accommodating and usually means lugging around far more than you need to. Jimi will make you see your wallet differently. Like lots of things in life, simple is best. Jimi holds just what you need and at just £12.49 makes an affordable Father’s Day gift. Sturdy, stylish and eco-friendly, Jimi will prove a reliable friend. FATHER’S DAY is 21 JUNE 2009. For more great gift ideas click here.


Dad's new best friend, Jimi

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Bamboo ooooh!

If there’s one thing I can’t live without, it’s my bamboo towels. Seriously, I’m addicted to them and you can be too. Especially since we’re having a big sale on them right now. 25% off at just £45 a set (worth £60).

Now, I realise that many peoples’ instant reaction is ‘ooh aren’t they scratchy’ and all i can say is ‘noooooo!’ In fact, they are super silky smooth and, of course, eco-friendly.

Bamboo yields a soft, absorbent fibre that is great for making thirsty bath towels and is three times more absorbent than cotton. And, because it is fast-growing, soil enhancing and doesn’t require synthetic encouragement, it’s a great environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative for your bathroom. Trust me, you won’t look back once you’ve tried them and what better time.

Bamboo Towel Sale

Bamboo Towel Sale

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Quick! Sit down

It’s our newest product made in the UK from 100% recycled plastic. The Quick Sit is a nifty little seat which arrives flat packed, is easy and quick to assemble and folds back when you’re done for easy storage. It comes in plain black (for the seriously stylish) or a pretty printed green flower design and is perfect for picnics, festivals, parties, the office (particulary if you’re in the creative industry or are just a creative business) or for when you just need more seats. Available here.


New! 100% Recycled QuickSit

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