Love Is… Fair Trade

It’s Fair Trade Fortnight this month and, although synonymous with bananas and coffee, the fair trade quest goes deeper and wider than that and can provide real opportunity and improved standards of living for many communities in developing countries.

Two billion people – a third of humanity – have to survive on less than $2 a day. Unfair trade rules are keeping them in poverty whilst they face the global challenges of food shortages and climate change too.

This year’s Fair Trade campaign encourages us to get involved in a ‘Big Swap’, to make a conscious decision to choose the fair trade option, to swap usual stuff for Fair Trade stuff – regular tea for Fair Trade tea, cotton socks for Fair Trade cotton socks and so on – small steps that will make a big difference.

What better time than Valentine’s Day to show your commitment to Fair Trade and to share that with a loved one.

And to show you that Fair Trade really does goes wider than bananas and coffee and has come a long way since the hippy hemp days, Love Eco – ever supportive of Fair Trade and ethical consumerism – has put together a very stylish range of fairly traded alternatives for the home and family so now it’s even easier to make that swap.

For Valentine’s Day in particular, Love Eco is very excited about their range of Fair Trade lingerie from their friends at Life’s Not Fair But My Knickers Are. Choose from the already popular and very cute Fairly Dotty Chemise, Sweetheart Cropped Pyjamas and Cami Sets or Fair Game Vest and Knickers combo.

And, for the ultimate romantic gesture, why not send a Fair Trade flower to your loved one. Love Eco’s Felt Fuzzy Fleurs by Henry & Jayne are handmade from handmade felt by communities in India. They make a lovely alternative to real flowers and will last forever without the need for watering. So pop on over to Love Eco – – this month and let us help you share some Fair Trade love.


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Traditional Craft

Winter time is here! The cold is on the ground, the festivities have ended, relatives have gone home and you’re left with more presents than you can shake a stick at. Now, where to put everything?

In the modern home, designed to be as efficient and compact as possible, space is at a premium. Just where are you going to store all those new presents? Thankfully, Love Eco’s jute baskets will solve all your storage problems and create a stylish place for cherished gifts, the ever-expanding games collection, your favourite linens and throws or that mountain of kid’s toys.

While these baskets are made in warmer climes, they have been designed with you in mind. In the cold Winter months, why keep braving the elements to get logs for the fire when a super stylish, extra large jute Log Basket means you can keep them to hand and spend the time snuggled up with a loved one instead, savouring those last few drops of your favourite Winter warmer tipple.

What’s more, the entire range is fairly traded and handmade by artisan co-operatives in Bangladesh so you’ll be helping to improve the living conditions of women and their families too.  Jute is a natural, indigenous material that they are putting to good use whilst keeping traditional crafts alive so that communities can grow and invest in health and education. Some of the makers like to put their signature on their own piece of work too so many will have this sewn in to the basket – a lovely unique touch that will bring you closer to the beginning of the story.

Shefali Odikari is just one of the women benefitting from the sale of her jute baskets and already she has bought some land of her own and is now able to send her three children to school all year round.

Fair trade Jute Baskets are available from from just £30

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Christmas dinner in the oven… the perfect time for pampering.

Our hectic lifestyles rarely give us time out and none more so than at Christmas! What presents to buy for who, where to go for Christmas Day, how much food to get in. Decisions, decisions!

The easy option for pressies has always been cheap smellies. Lotions and potions that seem to last all year and mostly ones you didn’t want. All  gathering dust at the back of the cupboard or destined to be passed on to someone else next year.

Wouldn’t you rather give or receive presents that will be loved and appreciated and that will take the stress out of choosing too? Even better, something you can add to your own Christmas list and that’s eco-friendly too. Love Eco has the answer.

Of course, everything at Love Eco is eco-friendly and adorable and the new range from Figs & Rouge is no exception. A wonderful range of natural and organic body care that relies on nourishing botanicals from the traditional English garden. Take a step back in time to simple, more romantic days and take care of your skin the natural way. The entire range is completely natural and organic and is free from parabens, sulphates, synthetic colours, fragrances and all things nasty so you can truly relax. Its vintage-inspired gift boxes make Figs & Rouge body care a perfect present too if you can bare to part with it.

And, if you can’t? Then let Figs & Rouge take the strain away. Pop the Christmas dinner in the oven and slope away for a relaxing soak. Pour calming Rose Geranium Bath Soak into cascading waters to release a stunning vintage and botanical garden aroma. Then bathe in this fragrant bath soak to help cultivate your skins natural moisture. Lock all the goodness in by massaging your rejuvenated skin with Rose Geranium Body Lotion and you’ll be ready to face the hectic Christmas festivities.
And if you venture out on a cold Winter walk after dinner, you can count on the Rose Geranium Lip Balm to protect you from the elements too.

So, for Christmas gifts that will be loved by all, our Figs & Rouge body care range is a must and you can bet they won’t end up at the back of a cupboard. They’re a great self-indulgent treat too!

The glamorous Figs and Rouge body care range is available at from just £3.95.

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The Prince’s Rainforest Project

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Glamping is the new camping.

Love Eco's Glamorous New Camping & Festivals Range

Love Eco's Glamorous New Camping & Festivals Range

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It’s Reigning Men, Hallelujia!

Check out this amusing post from Cool Mom Picks.

Cool Mom Picks

Cool Mom Picks

Fairtrade Organic Cotton Drawstring Trousers from Love Eco

Fairtrade Organic Cotton Drawstring Trousers from Love Eco

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Now we’re posting stuff to you for FREE

Yep. You got it. Right now, we’re sending all orders out completely free of charge. What better time to do a little ethical shopping and get Father’s Day gifts sorted early. Enjoy. It’s for a limited time only.


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