Love Is… Fair Trade

It’s Fair Trade Fortnight this month and, although synonymous with bananas and coffee, the fair trade quest goes deeper and wider than that and can provide real opportunity and improved standards of living for many communities in developing countries.

Two billion people – a third of humanity – have to survive on less than $2 a day. Unfair trade rules are keeping them in poverty whilst they face the global challenges of food shortages and climate change too.

This year’s Fair Trade campaign encourages us to get involved in a ‘Big Swap’, to make a conscious decision to choose the fair trade option, to swap usual stuff for Fair Trade stuff – regular tea for Fair Trade tea, cotton socks for Fair Trade cotton socks and so on – small steps that will make a big difference.

What better time than Valentine’s Day to show your commitment to Fair Trade and to share that with a loved one.

And to show you that Fair Trade really does goes wider than bananas and coffee and has come a long way since the hippy hemp days, Love Eco – ever supportive of Fair Trade and ethical consumerism – has put together a very stylish range of fairly traded alternatives for the home and family so now it’s even easier to make that swap.

For Valentine’s Day in particular, Love Eco is very excited about their range of Fair Trade lingerie from their friends at Life’s Not Fair But My Knickers Are. Choose from the already popular and very cute Fairly Dotty Chemise, Sweetheart Cropped Pyjamas and Cami Sets or Fair Game Vest and Knickers combo.

And, for the ultimate romantic gesture, why not send a Fair Trade flower to your loved one. Love Eco’s Felt Fuzzy Fleurs by Henry & Jayne are handmade from handmade felt by communities in India. They make a lovely alternative to real flowers and will last forever without the need for watering. So pop on over to Love Eco – – this month and let us help you share some Fair Trade love.

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